The Club Location of Winchester in Southern England



Winchester Model Aeroplane Club operates in the county of Hampshire in Southern England near the historic cathedral city of Winchester.

The well maintained grass flying site surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland provides the finest of flying facilities for model flyers in the south of England.

Members enjoy the the facility to fly radio controlled aircraft with the emphasis on relaxed sport flying. Unfortunately due to the surrounding farmland it is not possible to allow free flight models, neither are control line models permitted as they block the landing and take off area for radio controlled models.

There are usually only three or four competitive events per year, organised well in advance, ensuring that restriction to individual flying is minimised. Apart from an AGM there are no regular meetings away from the flying field. A barbeque, perhaps with a swap meet is usually organised once or twice during the year in spring or summer at the flying field.

Details of Membership fees for 2019 as decided at the AGM are on the Membership page

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